Reporting Incidents and Accidents

Should an incident or accident occur at your site, please follow the directions here to share important details with staff.

Who Should I Call?

  • 911 – Call when you believe you are or could be in immediate danger, when witnessing any suspicious, threatening or criminal activity, or if you need assistance triaging a situation
  • 206-625-5011 – Call to report any non-emergency concern to the Police
  • 206-684-7250 – Call the Parks Duty Officer on weekends or evenings (or if you can’t get a hold of anyone else) to report something where an immediate maintenance response is needed

*Be sure to identify yourself as Seattle Parks volunteer Forest Steward

What Form Should I Complete?

  • Incident Report Form –  should be filled out to report any bad activity going on at your park, including vandalism, theft, violence, encampments, etc.
  • Accident Report Form – should be filled out to report any injury that happens in the park.
  • Injury Investigation Report – should be filled out to better explain and record any bodily injury that occurs while working in the park.

*Submit all forms to your Plant Ecologist. All submitted forms are subject to public disclosure

Best practices for filling out incident and accident forms

Include the date, time, and location of where the incident occurred, include the Park or Facility name.

When describing the incident, only include the facts.

  • Keep it objective.
  • Make sure you include the who, what, where, when, why, and how when applicable.
  • If you are quoting someone use quotations and who said it.
  • If you only know a nickname then comment that you only know them as nickname.
  • Print your name under the “report filed by” and include a contact number.
  • Add any action taken in the last box.
  • If the report does not have enough space to include all the information it is okay to write on a separate paper and let us know there are additional documents.
  • When applicable have witnesses write their statement and have them sign and date their statement.  If you interview the witness and write down their information state that you interviewed them and what they said.

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