Youth Stewardship Opportunities

Youth Stewardship

Everyone has their part to play in restoring our natural spaces, but now it’s clearer than ever that youth have a special role to play in the future of restoration. With climate change and other critical environmental issues reaching a boiling point, this generation’s youth have a unique opportunity to gain valuable restoration experience early, and put that knowledge to use during a critical period for the Earth. The Green Seattle Partnership is excited to have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and gain experience!

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Come to a Volunteer Event

The quickest and easiest way to get involved as a youth is to volunteer like anyone else! We have events across the city almost every day of the year. At our volunteer events you will:

  • Learn about habitat restoration, best management practices for managing invasive species, proper planting technique, community action, and more!
  • Get hands-on experience with guidance from forest stewards or GSP staff. After attending just a few events you’ll be a seasoned veteran! Service learning credits always available. 
  • Make a difference by helping our forested parklands thrive. The work our volunteers do contributes to the health of Seattle’s green spaces, and ensures that we’ll have access to thriving natural areas well into the future.

Host a Group Volunteer Event

We accept groups of all sizes, and encourage students to bring their friends and school groups out. Our staff and stewards have experience working with scouts, class groups, environmental clubs, and more!  

If you have questions about getting a group out, or want to plan an event for your group only, contact us at

Lastly, you’ll need to bring a youth waiver if you’re under 18 and a parent/guardian isn’t present. You can find our youth waivers here.

Get involved with the network!

Here at GSP we’re grateful to have so many partners. The wide variety of groups we partner are all working towards the common goal of caring for Seattle’s natural areas. Throughout the network, there are many opportunities to get involved! The opportunities range widely, including volunteering, internships, and education opportunities. To learn more, check out this guide we’ve put together!

Find Paid Internships

Across the Northwest, Student Conservation Association (SCA) is building a new generation of conservation leaders and over the past 30 years, has strengthened the region’s youth, communities and environment.

SCA offers young people the opportunity to get outside and make a difference through service programs, lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. SCA offers the chance to be apart of something bigger, and a great introduction to conservation work. Whether you want to serve in your local community or explore public lands across the country, SCA has an opportunity for you!

Learn About Green Jobs

EarthCorps brings together passionate and hardworking young adults from the US and countries around the world, for yearlong leadership training program in Seattle, Washington. Our corps members learn leadership skills by working collaboratively, leading community volunteers, and executing technical restoration projects along shorelines, trails and in forests. At EarthCorps, we believe in the power of people to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our planet.

Dirt Corps is a collaborative team of professionals and community partners working together to increase access to green jobs and to foster healthy communities. Our work provides skilled landscape consultation, including design/build, with an equally important goal of sharing our trade with others in our region interested in restoration and green infrastructure.

Get Service Hours

Volunteers can get community service hours at any of our events! We also support longer term service projects for interested groups. Contact us at for more information!

Before getting started with an Eagle Scout Project, please read the following information.

  • Read the Seattle Parks Eagle Scout Candidate Information Sheet.
  • Submit a two-sentence summary of the proposed project to your Plant Ecologist in advance of starting with the Scout.
  • If there is interest, schedule the project well in advance (recommended at least 3 months) and schedule regular face-to-face/email/phone check-ins with the Scout and GSP staff.

Become A Steward

If you’ve attended a few work parties by now, and want to get even more involved, the forest steward position might interested you! Our forest stewards adopt specific park sites, and lead volunteer work parties there throughout the year. By adopting a site, you’ll gain an intimate knowledge of the park’s ecology, and hopefully develop a strong place-based relationship with that park. If you’re interested in becoming a forest steward, check out the Forest Steward position description to learn more!

Historically, the forest steward position has been reserved for those age 18 and up. Now, we’re encouraging youth to get more involved by attending our forest steward trainings and developing the necessary skills to manage their own park projects.

Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassadors program is a unique opportunity for youth (aged 13-18) to plan and lead a series of workshops for other youth throughout the year. Through the program the ambassadors develop employment skills, learn about local environmental issues, and work with like-minded individuals to make an impact in their communities. In 2019, our youth ambassadors led workshops on plant identification, urban habitat restoration, environmental justice, and environmental careers. A total of 56 youth attended these workshops, boosting the environmental knowledge of our community.

Interested in becoming a Youth Ambassador? Contact to learn more.

If you’re interested in attending a Youth Ambassador workshop this year, check back here for more information as the series is developed.

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