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Curious about forest steward orientation? While the format may change slightly from year to year, the gist stays the same; we give prospective forest stewards an idea of how the partnership operates, how we provide support, and what our expectations are for them. We also provide plenty of training so that forest stewards have the tools to properly assess their sites, prep them for volunteer events, and run events smoothly. While most forest stewards have some knowledge of restoration already, we cover topics such as native/invasive plant ID, measurement through pacing, and how to run an event from prep to finish.



Our neighborhood forests need a little loving care from us. In order to re-establish and care for 2,500 acres of healthy forested parkland, thousands of people take part in forest restoration work every year. Do you want to lead your own restoration project in a park you choose, get to know your neighbors, and clean up our green spaces? Then you may be ready to take your GSP volunteer commitment to the next level.

Green Seattle Forest Stewards lead restoration and educate others about the challenges facing our forests. As we strive towards greater equity in our city, we encourage a diverse group of volunteers to take the lead in their own communities. We ultimately to want to galvanize an informed, involved, and active community of forest stewardship across the entire city!

Volunteers take significant steps to ensure that forests remain a vibrant presence in our city. With over a million volunteer hours contributed, 169,000 trees planted, and 189 active forest stewards invested in 155 parks citywide, we are reversing the decline of Seattle’s forested parks. Together we can preserve the splendor of our forests well into the future.

  1. Check out the Forest Steward position description to see if you are up for the challenge.
  2. If you are, email us (info@greenseattle.orgto find out how to attend Forest Steward Orientation.

Congratulations to Green Seattle’s newest forest stewards! The photo to the right shows 2019’s inductees, who are now working in parks all across the city.

Forest Steward Field Guide

Interested in the kinds of things forest stewards do every day? Check out the guide we provide to all our stewards, so that they know all the best tips and tricks for running volunteer events, and conducting urban forest restoration. You can find more forest steward resources here.

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