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The Green Seattle Partnership is a collaboration between the City of Seattle, Forterra, community groups and non-profits, businesses, schools, and thousands of volunteers working together to restore and actively maintain the City’s forested parklands.

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Green Seattle Day 2019

Green Seattle Day, It's Official November 2nd, 2019 - the sun was shining, the air was crisp, and the parks were full! Green Seattle Day 2019 boasted the most gorgeous weather anyone there could remember. Not only was this year a smashing success, it was the first...

I Recall, the Northwest in Fall

Welcome to Fall!  Fall is here and the colors are changing! Well…sort of. Here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t get the landscape-wide color changes that happen in places like the Eastern Seaboard. As most of you might already know, our landscape is dominated by...

Habitat Highlight: Longfellow Creek

The Legacy Trail    If you happen to be taking a stroll down the Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail in West Seattle, you may be surprised by the diversity of habitats you find yourself in. One moment you will be enjoying a shaded forest next to a meandering creek, and the...