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The Green Seattle Partnership is a collaboration between the City of Seattle, Forterra, community groups and non-profits, businesses, schools, and thousands of volunteers working together to restore and actively maintain the City’s forested parklands.

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From the Blog

Invasive Plant Look-alikes!

While the age old idiom warns of "seeing the forest for the trees," we're here to warn of the opposite: "seeing the trees for the forest!" What we mean is that it can be difficult to notice the difference between invasive and native species in our forests; many...

2019 Accomplishments!

The numbers for 2019 are in and they are absolutely incredible! Over the course of 72,248 volunteer hours, there were 90,233 native plants installed, and 2,925 trees saved from English ivy. This work took place across 155 parks and at 1,522 volunteer events, which is...

The Magical World of Mushrooms

Note: this blog post is not meant as a guide to identifying and collecting edible mushrooms. If you are interested in learning more about edible mushrooms please check out the Puget Sound Mycological Society (http://www.psms.org/index.php) As we transition from rainy...

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