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The Green Seattle Partnership is a collaboration between the City of Seattle, Forterra, community groups and non-profits, businesses, schools, and thousands of volunteers working together to restore and actively maintain the City’s forested parklands.

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Post Green Seattle Day – Now What?

So you volunteered for Green Seattle Day and you’re wondering, what’s next? First of all, thank you for coming out to volunteer with us! This year we were blown away by the number of volunteers that came out for Green Seattle Day. Secondly, there are so many ways to...

Green Seattle Day 2018 Achievements

  Laying Roots in our Local Communities For Green Seattle Day 2018, we encouraged Seattle residents to have a hand in restoring their neighborhood parks; to not wander far from home, and to give back in their own neck-of-the-woods.This is because we acknowledge that...

Madrone is 1st Western tree on TreeSnap app

See a notable Pacific madrone while cruising through your neighborhood? Know about a cool tree in your favorite park? Maybe you can be our "eyes-in-the-field" as you sit in the backyard shade of your Arbutus menziesii. Now anyone can "tag" these trees using...