Because you can’t always make it to a weekend or evening training, we provide valuable information in these GSP video trainings.

GSP Videos

Composting On-site

GSP Resource Map – Basic Tutorial

GSP Resource Map – Annotation Tutorial

Invasive Plant Removal

Managing Volunteer Events

Native Plants and Installation

Plant Propagation with Live Stakes

Target Forest Types

Vegetation Plot Monitoring

Make great maps for material and tool deliveries

Online Resources

Urban Forest Connections Webinar Series

Second Wednesdays | 1:00 – 2:15 pm ET

The Forest Service’s Urban Forest Connections webinar series brings experts together to discuss the latest science, practice, and policy on urban forestry and the environment. These webinars are open to all.

Are We There Yet? The Green Seattle Partnership Turns 10. USFWS/NCTC Webinar Series from 04/09/15