Upcoming Training Opportunities

Each year, we offer a series of trainings for Forest Stewards and frequent volunteers. Join us to learn more about restoration best management practices, community engagement, and urban forest ecology.


Upcoming Trainings

Bird Focus: Corvids | Saturday, October 21 | 8am-10am @ Seward Park

Our earliest human ancestors shared their lives with crows, ravens, jays and magpies otherwise known as Corvids. These birds have intrigued people around the world for thousands of years. From the Scandinavians to the Hyda and even famous poets like Edgar Allen Poe, Corvids have inspired people with their intelligence and beauty. Come along on a walk through Seward Park with naturalist Ed Dominguez as he talks about some of the world’s most intelligent and interesting birds: Corvids! RSVP on CEDAR at:  http://seattle.cedar.greencitypartnerships.org/event/12042/

Attract Native Pollinators | Saturday, October 21 | 9am-10am(1pm) @ Gas Works Park 

From 9am-10am enjoy a 30 minute presentation, time for questions and answers and a free (draft) copy of the Pollinator Restoration Handbook. EarthCorps botanist and project managers will be on hand to meet with you one-on-one to help you craft a pollinator plan for your individual site. Please bring details about your specific site including info on moisture, light, square footage, topography and existing plant species so we can analyze potential restoration actions to improve habitat for pollinators. Sign up for the workshop here:   https://www.earthcorps.org/volunteer/event/a0E8000000OmNFPEA3/

Stick around after the workshop and help plant some wildflowers in the ground at a nearby section of the Burke Gilman Trail.

Native Seed Collection and Propagation | Saturday, October 28 | 10am-1pm @ Magnuson Park

Collecting and propagating your own native seeds is easier than it may seem. For Forest Stewards, this practice increases your knowledge about specific species, and is a low cost way to access plants outside of the Seattle Parks order list. This three hour workshop includes a two-hour indoor discussion led by several Stewards, and one hour outside at the Magnuson Park nursery. Attendees are required to investigate and bring questions about at least one species they want to grow. Register for this event by visiting http://seattle.cedar.greencitypartnerships.org/event/11759

Bird Focus: Woodpeckers| Saturday, November 11 | 8am-10am @ Seward Park

 Have you ever wanted to know more about woodpeckers? This is the program for you! We’ll venture into the Magnificent Forest to discover tell-tale signs of woodpecker activity as we highlight their amazing talents as nature’s carpenter. Downy, Northern Flicker, and Pileated are just some of the spectacular species we may find. Register for this event by visiting: http://seattle.cedar.greencitypartnerships.org/event/12043/

Wetland Best Management Practices | Saturday, November 18 | 10am-2pm @ Discovery Park

Many Forest Stewards have wet areas in their restoration sites. What are different types of wetlands? How do we minimize disturbance? What best practices should we follow? Seattle Parks’ Ecologists and Natural Systems Design will answer these questions and share updated GSP wetland guidelines. Register for this event by visiting http://seattle.cedar.greencitypartnerships.org/event/11762

Winter Twig ID | Saturday, December 2 | 12pm-3pm @ Carkeek Park 

As a steward, identifying and understanding the growth habits of woody plants (trees, shrubs and vines) is tremendously valuable during our winter planting season. Join UW Herbarium’s Dr. David Giblin in a walk and talk tour to learn winter growth habits and the main diagnostic concepts, procedures, tools and resources used in woody twig plant identification. This event is for Forest Stewards and Dedicated Volunteers only. Register for this event by visiting http://seattle.cedar.greencitypartnerships.org/event/11761


Plant Propagation w/ the Green Kirkland Partnership | Saturday, December 2 | 8am-1pm @ Oxbow Farms & Nursery

Learn native plant propagation techniques from the pros at Oxbow Nursery in Carnation. Class includes a hands-on session and plant material to take-home. Lunch and tuition provided by GKP. Carpool from Kirkland to Oxbow Farm (Carnation) – Time includes travel time. Led by Oxbow Nursery Native Plants and Restoration Manager Bridget McNassar.

RSVP to Jeremy at Green Kirkland Partnership (jjones@kirklandwa.gov


Past trainings with links

Outreach and Engagement | Saturday, October 14 | 11am-2pm @ Pritchard Beach

Habitat Consultations with Seward Park Audubon | 3/16, 4/20, 5/10, 5/30, 8/25, 9/6

Forest Steward Field Trip to Vashon Island | August 19

Native/Invasive Plant Identification & Management | July 28

Plant Identification | Saturday, June 10

Morning Treats & Tweets | May 13

Soil Enrichment: Hügelkultur Work Party | May 13 

Plant Selection and Site Planning| April 27

New Forest Steward Skills-Building Session | April 1

Owl Prowl |  March 24

Trails Maintenance Training with Seattle Parks Trails Program | May 6

Bird Focus: Creepers and Nuthatches @ Seward Park Audubon Center  | March 18

Plant ID Basics Training with Nature Consortium @ Pigeon Point | March 11

Live Staking and Thinning with WNPS @ Magnuson Native Plant Nursery | March 10

New GSP Forest Steward Orientation + King County Noxious Weeds Presentation 


If you have suggestions for trainings that you would be interested in, or think would be helpful for others, please email Andrea.

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